AED Maintenance


AED Inspections & Maintenance

We can provide a review of your AED(s) to ensure they are up to date.
We offer regular maintenance inspections monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or as frequently as desired.

What We Will Cover

The best way to be sure your AEDs are always in proper working order is to assign Cape Cod CPR to inspect them. At a minimum, this should be done annually. Our responsibility will be to check:

  • AED and connections are in good condition

  • AEDs are up to date with current guidelines

  • No corrective actions are needed

  • Accessories such as personal protection are present

  • Status indicator

  • Pad expiration dates

  • Battery function & expiration dates

  • Software is up to date

Tailor Your Program

We can tailor an affordable maintenance contract program to ensure your
AEDs are always up to date. No program is too large or small. In addition to the inspections, we also provide:


Written reports of
the inspections


Free reminders when pads and batteries
need to be replaced


Discounts on replacement pads
and batteries


Downloading the data from the AED if it
is used and replacing pads


Personal service from Cape Cod CPR's own Paramedics, Nurses or EMTs.


Rates start at only $99/year and multiple AEDs at one location receive up to 75% off!

We also do thorough site reviews with each AED maintenance program so AEDs are placed at
the best location and will be easily accessible when needed. If your AED is not readily accessible, it could be a liability for you.

Our clients vary from large offices, yacht clubs, entire school districts, transportation companies,
and to individual condominiums. Call us today and we can help you too.