AHA Online Courses



The American Heart Association (AHA) offers several online courses combined with in person skills test to accomplish most CPR classes. The online course is exactly the same as the in person class, and the same 2 year certification card is given. These online courses may be taken for initial certification and re-certification.

We offer the following Online courses:

  • HeartCode® BLS Part 1

  • HeartCode® ACLS Part 1

  • HeartCode® PALS Part 1

Upon successful completion of any of the above online courses you must meet with a Cape Cod CPR & First Aid Training instructor to complete your skills test. Skills tests take about an hour for BLS & Heartsaver and 3 hours for ACLS and PALS depending on skill level. The online courses are issued the same exact card from the American Heart Association as the in person classes. 

Steps to Register for the AHA Online courses at Cape Cod CPR & First Aid Training:

  • Register new user (or login) on the American Heart Association online portal website at https://elearning.heart.org

  • Click "Find A Course"

  • Select the proper online course from the options (Not sure which one to pick, call us 508-364-4750 or email us at [email protected])

  • Chose Heartcode [Your Course], add to cart and complete the program

  • Print Certificate of completion with serial number and bring it to your skills check

Register for the corresponding skills session or skills check. Attend the skills check and receive your card via eMail. (Applies to AHA courses only)

So next you probably want to know about the cost of the skills test for the course you took online. Here is the simple breakdown:

  • BLS Part 1 Online $28.50 + $50.00 Skills Test = $78.50

  • ACLS Part 1 Online $132.00 + $95.00 Skills Test = $227.00

  • PALS Part 1 Online $120.00 + $95.00 Skills Test = $215.00