Pet First Aid & CPR

Pet First Aid & CPR



This class is ideal for anyone who loves animals including animal professionals, obedience trainers, kennel staff, pet retailers, pet sitters, animal shelter staff/volunteers, rescue personnel, groomers, First Responders, Fire/EMT and pet owners. This course will provide an overview of what to do for a pet in an emergency situation prior to getting veterinary care. Curriculum for all classes is developed by licensed veterinary professionals using veterinary industry standard methods of emergency medical care.

Hands-on Skills Practice 

  • ​Emergency Muzzling and Restraint Techniques

  • The ABC's of Pet Emergency Care

  • Vital Signs Assessment

  • CPR (Canine and Feline)

  • Choking Management (Conscious and Unconscious)

  • Bleeding Control Techniques 

  • Shock Management

 Lecture Portion

  • Proactive Safety and Wellness for Pets

  • Scene Safety/Hazard Mitigation 

  • Medical Emergencies



  • Poisoning Emergencies

  • Environmental Emergencies