NREMT Remedial Programs

NREMT Remedial Program in Cape Cod


Candidates are granted three (3) attempts to pass the cognitive (written) examination. If the candidate is unsuccessful after three (3) attempts, they must submit documentation to the NREMT that they have completed 24 hours of remedial training. Following the 24 hour remedial training, candidates are given three (3) more attempts to pass the cognitive (written) examination. If the candidate is unsuccessful after six (6) attempts, they are required to repeat the entire EMT course.

The remedial program offered at Cape Cod CPR is identical to the EMT NCCP. When registering, select "EMT NCCP" from the schedule.

The remedial training program consists of the following:


Well-being of the EMT, Medical Direction, Quality Improvement, Personal Protection, Scene Safety, Medical / Legal, Anatomy, Lifting and moving.


Basic airway management, Oxygen delivery systems, adjuncts and oxygen therapy OB, Infants, children- OBGYN emergencies, childbirth, care of the newborn, assessing the expectant mother, Pediatric Emergencies, Trauma in the pediatric patient.

Patient Assessment

Primary Survey, Vital Signs and monitoring, History taking, Medical Assessment, Trauma Assessment, Secondary assessment, communications.


General Pharmacology, Respiratory Emergencies, Abdominal emergencies, Environmental emergencies, Diabetic emergencies, Allergic reactions, Behavioral emergencies.